NEW! Aluminium curtain rods

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New product in MSN Company's product line are aluminium curtain rods. Aluminium curtain rods are modern design and are made out of high quality materials.

The advantage of aluminium curtain rods is their resistant, long life and vesatility to any space.

Aluminum curtain rods can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, and can be with one or two rails.
Curtain rods are made according to the measure. Rates are based on material consumption, and measuring and installation are included in price.


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Sale of aluminium panels

Model N22 Model N88  Model N136  Model N672
presovani-paneli-22-103 presovani-paneli-88 presovani-paneli-u-bijeloj-boji-136  presovani-paneli-672
 180150€  200170€ 175145€  180160€ 

Limited supplies!


During long-term cooperation with "Techni Pantelos" from Greece, we have perfected the manufacture and sale of a high quality panels.

In our product line, there are over 1000 types of panels in different colors: Korniza panels, molded panels, PVC panels, traditional panels, stainless steel panels, superior panels, panels suke.
See our most current offer panels at promotional prices:

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